Monday, December 10, 2007

Moody Idols - the Urban Vinyl Toy Movement

Moody Idols, featuring customs by local and international artists, opened on November 9 and runs until January 11, 2008 at the University of Lethbridge’s Helen Christou Gallery.

The U of L is home to one of the most significant holdings of art in Canada with over 13,000 objects. The U of L Art Gallery maintains the collection, organizes on campus and touring exhibitions and provides access to the collection as part of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The Helen Christou Gallery provides a significant increase in public access because it is located in a prominent location that is part of the main pedestrian route for visitors and students. Because of its unique location, Moody Idols will potentially be seen by over 9,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus.

The show was organized by guest curator/artist Ted Stilson and Bovinyl. Moody Idols was a year and a half in the making and includes a diverse group of 47 artists representing 10 countries.

The Moody Idols show not only showcases 53 custom Moody’s, it is also designed to educate students, faculty and the public about designer vinyl toy culture and the ‘low brow’ art movement. Over 100 toys, plush, original art, prints and publications, ranging from 3” Dunny’s to a pencil sketch by Scott Musgrove, have been included as part of the show. Two video monitors and headsets have also been installed which show a variety of stop-action videos and the recently released ‘Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic’ documentary by XRay Films.

Cameron Tiede (United States); Victor ‘Marka27’ Quinonez (United States); Ayako ‘Uamou’ Takagi (Japan); PhuEK (Singapore); Aaron Keeling (Canada); Tyson Summers (United States); ‘The Fiend’ (UK); Tan-Ki (France); Brandon Sopinsky (United States); Shin Tanaka (Japan); Megumi Nogochi (Canada); Janice Rahn (Canada); Misha ‘Streetrock’ (Russia); Khayne Tan (Singapore); Miles Van Yperen (Canada); John Oreshik (Canada); Erwin Weber (The Netherlands); Nick Louma (Canada); Dan ‘Wavedog’ Fenelon (United States); Keeley Carrigan (United States); Jason Kochis (United States); Will Osler (Canada); Michael Campbell (Canada); Jenn Rourke (Canada); Jeff Orriss (Canada); Chris Ryniak (United States); Barbara Warren (Canada); Lana Ing Gabor (Canada); Brent Nolasco (United States); Ian Bickley (UK); David K. Rose (United States); Bil Betsovic (United States); Sol Nte ‘Figurepunk’ (UK); Bo Ye (China); Erin and Kelly Carty (Canada); Anna Puchalski ‘Angel Devil’ (United States); Darren Booth (Canada); Devon Bowman (Canada); Wendy June (Australia); Jennifer Kellogg (United States); Matt ‘Mother’ Connelly (United States); PlaysKewl (The Netherlands); Attila Adorjany (Canada); Troy Denning (United States); Leila Armstrong (Canada); Bunka (France); Ted Stilson (Canada).