Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'I.W.G. is in da House' Custom for Humans Beware Show

Bovinyl is participating in the upcoming 'Humans Beware' custom show at Rocketworld in San Francisco.

The completed custom, 'I.W.G. is in da House', also utilizes the Obama platform by Jailbreak Toys.

Medium: acrylic paint, polymer clay, mixed media.

The idea: The immediate goal for the I.W.G. (Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo) was to resist human destruction and domination of their ‘natural’ habitat. They accomplish this through a variety of means, including the use of weaponry and combat. With the emergence of Barack Obama, the I.W.G. sought out the new President in an attempt to create change through political means. The headline in the San Francisco Chronicle reads “Obama Appoints I.W.G. to U.S. Fish and Wildlife”. The insurgents hope to stop the destructive human ways from inside ‘da House’.

Show opens on Friday, April 10, 2009 (6-10 p.m.) and runs until June 6, 2009. Opening reception with snacks and drinks.

Venue - Rocketworld (660 - 22nd Street, San Franciso)

For more information about the show, visit - http://www.blue77gallery.com/shows/iwg/.

Creator of the I.W.G. Series and owner of Rocketworld, Patrick Ma, is working alongside artist/customizer DrilOne. Their goal is to put on one heck of a custom show.

The platform being used will be various blank I.W.G. figures, which includes bears, rhinos, rhinos on vespas, bears on vespas, and many more. This show features over 70+ artists, including: Angry Woebots, Apina, Betso, Brent Nolasco, Cris Rose, Ckawkees, El Maz, D-Lux, FAS, Jeremiah Ketner, Jim Koch, Keith Poon, Leecifer, Lou Pimental, Motorbot, Okedoki, Paulkaiju, PhuEk, Reactor 88, Toybotstudios and many, many more.

Part of the proceeds from purchases made at Rocketworld are donated to a variety of non-profit groups and organizations such as the Gorilla Foundation, International Rhino Foundation, Zoo Conservation Outreach Group, Friends of the Sea Otter and the World Wildlife Fund. When time permits, Patrick spends time in the field with wildlife groups.

To read more about Patrick and Rocketworld, visit www.rocketworld.org.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I.C.U. Moody Lands In Chicago

The designer vinyl art toy movement is alive and well in the 'Windy City'. Urban art toy destination, Rotofugi, is leading the way with featured artists and designers. Rotofugi has definitely paved the way for other designer vinyl stores in the area. I.C.U. felt right at home amongst the incredible selection of toys, art, fashion and customs.

I.C.U. Moody took the opportunity to check out the sites in 'Chi-town'. The highlights during the brief stay were Rotofugi, Millenium Park, Sears Tower, The Art Institute of Chicago, Palmer House Hotel and, 'oh yeah', the incredible deep-dish pizza . The Palmer House is a hidden gem and is a must see. It has been restored ($150 million investment) to its orginal character and charm.

We'll be transforming the 'I.C.U. Chicago' images into a new YouTube video. Watch for it!