Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blue Diablo Moody by Reddprime (South Africa)

Bovinyl was pleased to receive this nicely executed Moody custom from our friend from the 'dark continent' - Mitchell Horn a.k.a. Reddprime. We're huge fans of Mitchell's work. He's a talented artist with a varied and vibrant imagination. He always puts everything he has into his art and is keen to experiment with new techniques and materials.

Mitchell has been drawing ever since the day he could grasp a pencil. As he grew, so did his passion for art and urban toys. He took a serious approach to art during his studies at Goldfields FET College in his native country of South Africa. While honing his skills at art school, he started to develop and create a wide range of characters (a sampling above) ... each with a unique flair that was inspired by his love for Japanese Anime.

Mitchell recently took part in a very successful group show in Germany - Bigwood Berlin Exhibition.

He finds inspiration in the work of Gus Fink, Antz81 and Nevermore.

Check out more of Mitchell's work on Flickr.