Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moody Platform in Nakanari Collection

Nakanari was born in South Taiwan and started collecting and designing toys from a very early age. What started out as a hobby has grown into a successful career. Unlike a lot of toy designers, Nakanari takes his ideas directly to the sculpting stage. Using polymer clay, he adds new features as he develops his unique characters.

His distinctive designer toys are infused with oriental style and a colorful mixture of innocence and cuteness. The 'Misfits of Nakanari' was the first toy line he created. He used two different characters to show the contrast between good and evil.

In 2004, B.B.birdy (premiere toy designer and first to launch Taiwanese designer toys) picked up his 'Misfits of Nakanari' design for his Funny Club series. That year he also began working on the Funny Club Show. He worked with over 150 international artists, travelling all over the United States and Asia.

Nakanari has exhibited with other well-known artists like Emmy Award-winning 'Teacher’s Pet' creator Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, graffiti legend SEEN, Cameron Tiede, popular toy designer MAD, Sket One, Frank Kozik, Jada Toy Crew, X-Concept designer Chito, and Mattel’s Hot Wheel head-designer MIQ WILLMOTT.

His work has been exhibited and collected around the world. For more on Nakanari, visit his blog at Check earlier Bovinyl posts for his Moody custom.