Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moody by Cuban Artist, Manuel, Arrives in Canada

Well-known Cuban artist, Manuel, has completed work on his Moody custom for our 'around the world with Moody' group show that will take place at the Art Gallery of Calgary (AGC).

We were very excited to see the completed custom when it arrived from Cuba via Fredericton, NB.

To date, artists from 14 countries have completed customs for shows in both Canada and the United States. The project will culminate with the AGC show in the Spring of 2011.

Cuban artists are unfamiliar with the designer vinyl art toy movement, however Manuel has shown that a blank platform art toy can provide an opportunity for brilliant and colorful artistic expression.

Many thanks go out to Manuel who found time in his hectic schedule to apply his talents to a Moody platform. His unique and colorful style translated perfectly to the Moody canvas. As well, many thanks to his manager, Guillermo, for putting everything together and for his ongoing communication over the past year and a half.

Manuel works in a variety of media - printmaking, painting, ceramics, murals, etc. I've included one of his colorful prints as a backdrop to the Moody custom.

Check out the way Manuel incorporates a bird figure (a Moody horn becomes a beak) between the horns in the top version image.

Manuel Hernandez Valdes was born in Cuba in 1943. He has been a participating artist in many major events in Havana. His paintings have also been shown in Belgium, Mexico, Germany and Spain.

In addition to his reputation as a painter, he is also known as a cartoonist, ceramist, illustrator and humorist.

He has been honored with the Pablo Picasso Medal of UNESCO and the Journalism Prize - National Jose Marti.

His works are found in important private collections such as:

- Danielle Mitterrand Foundation
- Geraldine Chaplin Collection
- Mario Benedetti Collection

His paintings are very representative of the Cuban art that idealizes the human body and integrates nature - planting sugar cane, banana, tobacco etc. His characters reflect the gentleness and happiness of the Cuban rural-living environment.

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