Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lefty Moody Custom by Bovinyl

Meet Lefty, the demolition expert. Well, at least he thinks he's an expert. His dented and scarred body tell a much different story. Constructed out of metal and held together by rivets, this veteran of intergalactic mining, has seen better days. Lefty is now a 'righty' after holding onto a stick of dynamite a bit too long ... he blowed himself up reeeeal good.

We love putting these faux metal customs together. We used a rust patina solution that can be picked up at most craft stores. It usually takes multiple applications to get the look, however the final product definitely makes the Moody platform appear to be constructed out of rusted metal rather than vinyl. The rivets were created using upholstery pins. The hat and dynamite were constructed out of Super Sculpey.

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