Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ragin' Bull Moody custom by Bovinyl

Bovinyl was asked to design one of the playing cards for the 'Shuffle Up and Deal Two' fundraiser for the Royal Canadian Legion. 55 local artists will be designing the cards that will be transformed into a standard playing card deck (including the Jokers and the back of the card). The original card art will be auctioned off at the 'Shuffle Up and Deal Two' fundraising event. Last year's fundraiser was a huge success with all proceeds from the sale of decks and artwork going towards programs at the Bowman Arts Centre.

The theme for this year's set is military aircraft nose art. Nose art started as a way to identify planes, however it soon developed into a true art form. It pushed the limits of military conformity and provided a unique way of connecting troops to their lives at home. The art was inspired by memories of peacetime life and acted as a type of psychological protection against the stresses associated with war. Nose art was not officially approved by the military, however the regulations that would have seen the art removed from aircraft was never enforced.

The Ragin' Bull custom was inspired by the menacing shark mouth art that appeared on a number of different war planes such as the Spitfire and P-40 Warhawk during WWII. Ragin' Bull features a camo paint job and a working propeller.

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